7 questions with Viv 7 questions with Viv

7 questions with Viv

By Fluorescent Design Inc. Collaborator

7 questions with Viv 7 questions with Viv
It's fair to say starting a new business comes with highs and lows and lots of learnings and reflections on the way. It's something our founder Vivien knows only too well. Vivien used to be in the advertising world before she quit her job last year to launch Verdant Alchemy, a bath and body brand that is focused on providing natural, non-toxic products rooted in mineral and plant-based efficacy. 
Here, Verdant Alchemy's contributor Ben Cullen ask our founder, Vivien 7 questions to get to know her a little better. 
BC: What was the inspiration behind Verdant Alchemy?
Have you ever seen a burnt our stranger sitting next to you on the tube, staring into nothing looking empty? That was me, and it has probably been you at some point. Working late, juggling family and friends, eating badly does a lot to your mental and physical health. 
Like many people, I was feeling super stressed out with life. From a work point of view, the pressure I had on myself was hard. I was ambitious, and I wanted to do well at work, but this resulted in an unhealthy way of living. Working late nights on client demands and pitches took a lot out of me. The mental stresses combined with environmental stresses such as pollution affected my chronic back pain and general anxiety levels. I started taking painkillers for my back pain, but eventually, I went to see my chiropractor for it as I began to get headaches from it. He said the usual; I need to decrease my stress levels and exercise more but also asked me to try a mineral bath as I am probably deficient of certain minerals which could be affecting my pain symptoms. I had my first mineral bath that night and haven't looked back- I have had one every night since. That first mineral bath was incredible, it was relaxing as a bath should be, but I also had the best night sleep of my life. I later did some research on mineral baths and found out that modern life stressors such as pollution, anxiety, late nights, partying etc. deplete our natural mineral levels, such as magnesium which is hard to replenish to the same level. Having mineral baths help refuel the body with lost minerals which I never knew about, but it does make sense as I have never felt more revitalised and energised than when I have taken a bath. I knew I needed to share the power of minerals and bathing with others and this is what inspired me to create Verdant Alchemy. 
BC: What advice would you give yourself when you first started your journey?
BC: Describe yourself in 3 words?
VL: Fun, driven and sassy. What is the point of a driven life if you're not having fun along the way. 
BC: What sets you apart from other bath brands?
VL: We focus on unlocking the power of minerals and what it does for the body
What about people that don't like baths? How are you catering to them?
What do you do to unwind?
Coffee or tea?


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