Welcome to Verdant Alchemy. A memo from Vivien Welcome to Verdant Alchemy. A memo from Vivien

Welcome to Verdant Alchemy. A memo from Vivien

By Vivien Leung

Welcome to Verdant Alchemy. A memo from Vivien Welcome to Verdant Alchemy. A memo from Vivien

I am so happy and chuffed to say welcome to Verdant Alchemy ® finally. A project I have been working on for the last 12-18 months, and after lots of necessary red tape in forms of cosmetic approvals and regulations, it's ready for you.

I didn't quite realise the power of a bath until I started having them regularly. My journey with regular baths began as a treatment for my back pain recommended by my chiropractor to help the aches and pains. Most of us are deficient in minerals that allow our body to function efficiently; resulting in many modern issues such as low energy and fatigue, insomnia and poor sleep, headaches and anxiety. Did you know everyday stresses such as work stress and pollution creates an imbalance of our mineral levels and depletes vital minerals such as magnesium, zinc amongst others. Luckily there are specific sea salts which are high in these natural minerals and vitamins; and sinking into a bath full of these minerals is thought to help us begin to replenish the depleted mineral levels, as well as energising, relaxing and refuelling the body. You may know of The Dead Sea and Epsom salts, if not- google it as they are famed for their healing benefits and have been used for thousands of years to ease all sorts of aches and pains. While baths have amazing physical benefits for the body, a bath for me personally was also 'time-out' moments from my stressful job in advertising. Where I honestly switched off with no distractions; I brought my phone is at my peril. It became my sanctuary where I lit some candles, played some smooth jazz and digitally detoxed for 30 minutes all by my self- complete bliss.

I started buying regular bath salts in well known high street stores, but the more I looked into the products and ingredients the more I realised they were made with low efficacy or synthetic ingredients. For example, bath salts made with sodium chloride (aka table salt) have no healing benefits for the body. Parfum and fragrance are also synthetic ingredients which add an incredible smell to products but again have no healing benefits, unlike essential oils. When you have a bath you are submerging your biggest most porous organ into the water, wouldn't you want that water to be chemical free? That is why using products that contain only natural ingredients is the only way to bathe, especially if that product is also incredibly healing and refuelling. I started making my natural bath to help with all the ailments I had; baths for when I was stressed and wanted to sleep better, baths for after my work out, baths for when I was sick and baths for when I partied too hard and needed to detox. It began in my kitchen as a hobby, but as refined my formulas, I started to give them away to family and friends as gifts. The feedback was terrific; such as it was the best sleep they ever had, that they felt the most refreshed they ever felt, or that their gym soreness severely reduced after the bath. But most importantly, they wanted more. This was when I thought ok, maybe this can be a legit business in a category and space that I am incredibly passionate about. That was 12 months ago, and today I am launching Verdant Alchemy with my first range of therapeutic bath salts, and I feel so happy and blessed. 

The active refuelling elements of my bath products are the core foundations of this brand. I wanted to create products that highlighted mother nature’s best-activated ingredients that allowed the body to thrive. This isn't just reflected in the simple ingredient list but also the design elements of the brand. Each product has its own label to reflect the different features that make up the product.

I design and formulate each product lovingly by hand in small batches in my studio in Honor Oak, London to ensure optimal freshness and the efficacy of the ingredients we use. Ethics and sustainability are essential to our company. We only use reusable and recyclable packaging, and we are cruelty-free, testing only on friends and family.

Nature has the power to heal and improve well-being; it helped me when I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally, helping me find the balance I needed to thrive in modern life and I hope it will help you too.




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