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Meet Vivien Leung, Verdant Alchemy Founder

Self Care = My medicine

It all started with a bath. A bath while travelling for work, after a very long day and for when I was burning the candle at both ends. Whatever I was tackling, the humble long soak is what got me through those exhausting days. Like many people, I somewhat fell into my career (in advertising). I was fortunate to work on some fantastic brands with some wonderful people, but I was slowly burning out - the hours and slog were long, and I was starting to feel the stress of the fast-paced corporate life. My mind and body felt like they were falling apart. During that time, I launched a wellness space with my chiropractor brother, offering our clients evidence-based care such as chiropractic care and pilates classes; empowering people to manage their wellbeing, including their pain and stress levels. This is really where Verdant Alchemy began.


Magnesium deficiency = Mind is blown

Many of our patients came in for back pain, headaches, stress and other pain ailments which stems from work and modern life. In addition to prescripted therapy, we often recommended that they take magnesium to help restore their mineral balance- a vital mineral that the body needs to function effectively. However, it is a mineral we deplete quicker than we refuel it, through daily activities such as exercise and stress. According to the World Health Organisation, over 75% of US adults do not meet their recommended intake and are thought to be deficient from magnesium. So an excellent way to complement their healing was through the consumption of magnesium, and an alternative way beyond food was through mineral bathing.

Although this method of magnesium intake may not work for everyone, it worked for me. In addition to stress, I was also suffering from terrible back pain (rooted in my teenage scoliosis). When I discovered how magnesium could help with inflammation and muscle movement (back pain and exercise recovery), supports with brain function (stress and anxiety) and regulate the nervous system I started having daily magnesium baths, and I immediately felt the difference. I felt more relaxed, my body felt like it was rebooting, my stress and anxiety was melting away. It felt even more pertinent after I exercised, my muscles were recovering faster. And of course, I started to have the best nights sleep ever, waking up with the energy to take on the day. I realised I was slowly healing, and it wasn't just about popping some pills for pain relief, it was a connected bodily ecosystem of resting and nurturing the body to enable it to work effectively and efficiently again.

The more I researched = The more I got obsessed with baths 

The more I researched and spoke to experts about the power of minerals and natural botanicals through aromatherapy, the more obsessed I got with the power of the ocean and mother nature. As a result, I started to create my own bespoke baths for different areas of my life. Utilising other nutrient-rich minerals we need to function, such as potassium, calcium and many more. What I realised on this journey was the importance of rest and recharging our mind and bodies. If our mental and physical states are broken, and we are not giving them time to get better, we will struggle to thrive in life. I realised I was not put on this world to get by and simply survive, I want to succeed and thrive, and so do you.


Grateful for this journey in teaching me how to rest

Verdant Alchemy was created as an antidote to modern living, mineral bathing was my cure-all to everything and started as my hero product and still remains my absolute go-to for everything. But as Verdant Alchemy grows I am excited to create new products that continue to help everyone to Rest, Recharge and Thrive in modern life using mother nature's most potent ingredients.

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Marjorie MacArthur Veiga

Hello Viv! I am a friend of the Bairsto-Cullen families. Helen Cullen told me about your business! I, too, am into holistic and natural modalities. Your products look amazing! Do you ship to the US? If not, I may ask Helen to bring over a supply for us, if they can travel here in 2022. All the best to you in your wonderful company! Warmly, Marjorie

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