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Launching Verdant Alchemy in Japan

Bath time just got a whole lot more luxurious and a bit more global (for us at least)! We're thrilled to announce Verdant Alchemy's official launch in Japan, a country...

Mineral Matters: Why Our Bodies Need Them

Our bodies are sophisticated systems that require a delicate balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to perform at their peak. From keeping our hearts healthy to strengthening our bones...

Let Us Help You Sleep Better

We all love the feeling of waking up in the morning refreshed from a great night of sleep. While sleep is something we all need, it’s not always that simple...

Summer Bathing- What you need to know!

As the weather gets warmer and we can finally shed our layers, it’s time to celebrate the summer. After a day of enjoying the outdoors, you may be a little sweaty....

Take a Moment to Care For Your Body

Our bodies are wonderful things. They give us the availability to do all we desire in this world. At Verdant Alchemy, we believe in the mind and body being deeply...


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