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helping you rest, refuel & thrive in modern life

Our mission is to help you thrive and live life to the fullest. Whether your goal is to sleep better, relieve stress or to simply have a break. We believe it starts with a bath. 

Invest in rest and thrive

Certified natural bath and body products devoted to helping you thrive in modern life by unlocking the potent healing powers of minerals and botanicals to support your well-being. We believe you should take care of your mind, body and soul in the same way you would with your face and skin.



Meet our founder Vivien Leung. Explore how natural mineral rich bathing and clean products changed the way she lives her life and how it helped her manage modern issues such as stress and chronic pain.

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Self-Care Portraits

Everyone practices self-care differently. Our Self-Care Portraits: the necessity series explores how some of our favourite people practice self-care.

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Wellness Journal

Clean products, clean ingredients, clean living. Our wellness journal digs deep into our knowledge, ideas and processes.

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bathing playlist

Music is glorious, it can lift moods, lower stress and can be very therapeutic when times are tough. So we have put together a chilled out bathing playlist to help you wind down and relax during your well-deserved soak.

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