Baths powered by minerals.

Certified natural bath and body brand devoted to helping you thrive in modern life by unlocking the potent healing powers of minerals and botanicals.

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Invest in rest & thrive.

You're modern, you're fabulous, you're busy, but you often forget to take a step back to take a breather. Verdant Alchemy is a new wellness brand that is putting rest through bath times back on the agenda. Take a bath to rest, switch off and refuel the minerals we lose every day from modern-day stressors such as stress, exercise and commuting- you will leave the tub feeling fantastic. 

So whether you're struggling with poor sleep, achy muscles, a congested mind, or have just been a bit indulgent from a great night out; we have the thing for you; from bath salts to bath oils, we've got your bath time covered.

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Certified by Soil Association Certification

We are proudly certified COSMOS NATURAL by the Soil Association. We are good for your body and we are good for the planet. The certification ensures we adhere to the highest standards, from our supply to chain to our ingredients. 

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