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Stress Relief Collection

Are you feeling stressed?

Top stress tips

Simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety

🌿 Get active

🌿 Meditate

🌿 Get enough sleep

🌿 Keep a journal

🌿 Connect with others

🌿 Have a bath

🌿 Consider talking therapy or CBD therapy

"Studies have shown that taking a bath can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of your body responsible for relaxation. " - Health Hub




Magnesium & Stress

"Magnesium is believed to affect a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which helps regulate the pituitary and adrenal glands. These glands are responsible for your response to stress." -- Health Line

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3 minute meditation

Our friends at Mindology have created Verdant Alchemy customers a special 'Breathe In' stress-releasing 3-minute mediation. It is easy to practice and only 3 minutes long, so find a safe space and a comfortable position and click below to listen to the audio. We hope you enjoy it.

Tips & Tricks

Breathing techniques to help manage stress

How to: the 4-7-8 technique

1. Position your tongue

2. Breathe out deeply

3. Inhale and count to four

5.Hold and count to seven

6. Exhale and count to eight

7. Repeat the process.

Absolutely Love This

I am not a regular bath person but love to swipe over a few drops of this over my arms and legs after a evening shower prior to heading to bed. Its been a balm for my 2020 anxiety insomnia and helped ease my stress eczema too. Always feel super-luxe smelling this on skin and slipping into freshly laundered bed linen! On to my second bottle already and such lovely proactive customer service when there was an issue with the delivery courier.

Chris B.

Absolutely divine.

Bought these Herbal Bath Salts for my husband for Valentines Day. He really needed a soak, after receiving his Covid Vaccine the day before and felt fatigued and run down. The smell was absolutely divine and he loved his bath. Made him feel completely relaxed. Thank you.

Caroline T.

Breathe in Bath salts

My colleagues and I received a sample pack each of these bath salts as a generous gift to us whilst working on the front line. I can honestly say after a busy shift coming home and having a long hot soak using them gave me such a boost. The smell is exquisite and I would highly recommend them as a treat to yourself. Thanks again for your generous gift. It was so appreciated by us all.

Heather H.



Meet our founder Vivien Leung. Explore how natural mineral rich bathing and clean products changed the way she lives her life and how it helped her manage modern issues such as stress and chronic pain.

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