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Claire Aristides | Baths, Travel & Family

Claire Aristides; Founder of Mindology app

Baths, Travel & Family

Claire Aristides Founder of Mindology app 

Claire is a true inspiration and is proof that you should never be afraid to try something new - following your passion leads to great things. Claire is a child of the world and has some fantastic wellness tips and life hacks which we are excited to share with you. Heralding from Australia with a passion for travel, she took on the competitive world of IT, started her own business then went back to her roots helping people find their inner strength through empowering the mind.


What three things do you live for?

I love baths, hence why I am such a fan. I’m an extrovert but I love my downtime where I recharge and for me a bath is such a lovely way to have down time and switch off. You can't have your phone in the bath it’s just completely you time.

Travel - from a young age travel has been part of my life. By the age of 7 my folks had taken me on many journeys and those experiences have really shaped me. I love meeting and experiencing different countries and cities.

Of course, my little family. They are my no 1 priority in life. My kids also love bath time… Something magical and creative happens in bath time their imagination and creativity comes to life.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Born and raised in Australia my family travelled a lot with my dad’s work when I was young so that really opened my eyes to different places and experiences. I think it can really spark creativity when you change your world and find inspiration from different places.

My degree was in psychology but then I moved into IT then jewellery. I have always been fine to change direction …  it’s exciting to change direction – albeit can be scary at the time but you often look back and think… wow how did I do that. We have so much more than we give ours credit for.

I was a workaholic jewellery business owner on the brink of a break down mid IVF when I decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist, and it changed the course of my life. I now have founded my app and my passion is to help others tap into both their inner calm and inner strength.


What do you do for a living?

I have a successful jewellery brand @afj studio and that was going great although so all-consuming I had no balance. Hypnotherapy allowed me to change my inner script and my perception of myself to where I want to be and develop as a person.

For the Mindology app, I do a zoom workshop work one day a week and have created the INNER CALM and INNER CONFIDENCE & SELF BELIEF online programs. We also do corporate workshops – I love combining my business experience with my hypnotherapy because I have experiences work stress, imposter syndrome and fear of failure with my own business. So, I completely understand when people come to me to try and change their mind set.


What key learnings would you like to share?

Surround yourself with people that are truly there for you - often people can be draining and zap you – they might not even realise that they do that. Don’t give that any energy or fuel that kind of energy in your life. Use your imagination to create the emotional experiences you want. I use visualisation daily to see and feel exactly what I want.

Find your focus and learn to dial down the noise in your mind. Stay on course. It’s so incredibly tempting to get distracted and go off course. But once you work out what you want. Just keep moving in that direction. Sure, there might be speed bumps along the way but keep your focus on where you want to be.


How your career has affected your physical and mental health?

For a time, I definitely over worked and thought too much about my business to the detriment of my heath. Now I bring in self-care and time out. Time to just let my mind switch off and be calm and often when you switch off you have these lovely 'aha' moments. Also, time to switch off you can just find more inner peace. I was the kind of person that was always busy… and you can run around ‘doing so much’ but have now I have clear goals and I consistently move towards them each and every day.. that doesn’t mean I am on a tread mill of always doing and working and being... I definitely love my down time.


What rules do you live by?

Be kind. I have a pet peeve with just not being a decent kind human being. It takes so little to just be sweet and kind.  


How do you practise self-care?

I love baths. No wonder I love Verdant Alchemy! I find it so soothing being in water and cleansing mind and body. As I wake each morning a do a simple visualisation with a positivity bubble… I see the bubble preparing me for my day. It only takes 2 mins and I can’t live without it. And at night especially if my day has been stressful, I do a body scan and calm every cell and muscle in my body.  

Part of the mindology philosophy is building a new routine and a habit for yourself.  Visualisation is especially important as our minds can’t tell the difference between what we imagine and what is real. So, use your imagination to create the dreams and goals for yourself.


What are your self-care practices?

I do morning and night visualisation. I also have some creative practices of sweeping my mind and ordering my mind. I see decisions or things I can’t get my head around as parts of a jigsaw and in my mind I put them in order and in place – and it always does kind of fall into place. It calms my overthinking and helps me see an outcome.

If I am stuck for ideas I see myself going for long walks in a beautiful sunlight garden and I see bed of flowers and I get lost in this little world and often later the idea comes to me.


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