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Georgina Grogan | My Girls (cats), my loved ones & Netflix

Georgina Grogan is a freelance plus size fashion and beauty blogger from Sheffield. Georgina is a true inspiration, around six years ago she was in a terrible car accident which left her with long term disabilities. Rather than letting it get her down she drew inspiration from sharing her experiences on her vlog, as well as some amazing beauty and fashion tips! We wanted to share some of these with you.

What 3 things do you live for?

My Girls (cats), my loved ones & Netflix


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Georgina and I’m 25 years old, living in Sheffield, UK. I’m a full time plus size fashion and beauty blogger. I started blogging over 7 years ago and 6 years ago I had a car accident that left me disabled and meant I had to leave my retail job. I gave blogging my all to see if I could make it a career and I must have done pretty well as I’m still going and I love it as much as when I first started. Being able to work for myself whilst coming to terms with becoming disabled and having constant chronic pain, has really been a blessing in disguise. When I’m not blogging I’m chatting away on Instagram stories about my constant self care routines, I like a lot of pampering. I watch a ridiculous amount of Netflix, I’m the go-to person for recommendations as more often than not, I’ll watch something the second it’s released. I’ve also started gaming again recently and you can find me in the Warzone (Call of Duty) most nights.

Sleeping Well


What do you do for a living?

I’m blogging away about all things plus size fashion, being disabled, and my favourite beauty picks. I’ve built up a wonderfully supportive following and I get to work with some amazing brands across the globe. It hasn’t been easy with constantly facing new challenges and a body that aches 24/7 but it does mean that I’ve had to find ways to keep working and try out things that can help me. I’ve done from working on a desk next to my bed, to taking over half of my younger brother’s room to have a full office. That helped with productivity SO much. Now he’s moving out we’re looking at installing a filming wall so I can start producing more video content.


What are some of the key lessons you've learnt?

Working for myself and having no option but to keep going has taught me a lot. I know that I’m incredibly strong and hardworking and even though when I flare up I can be hard on myself, I try to remember how far I’ve come. That I’m still going despite everything. It will sound strange but with everyone being in lockdown and fellow bloggers having to create content around their home, something that I’ve had no option but to do for years, it’s helped me to think more creatively. Whereas before I would just point and shoot, I’m trying different styles and things now and I’m getting great feedback.


How has your job affected your physical, mental & spiritual health?

Being able to work for myself was definitely the best option for my mental health. Although it was only a few months working in retail with chronic pain, the time you need to recover from flare ups and take out for self-care and appointments is just too much for a retail job. Working for myself and from home allowed me to answer emails in the bath, have a back massager all day, take an afternoon nap or even bathe as a pick-me-up. I’m a lot kinder to myself, I know I can’t push myself and get results, I know I have to take time out to recharge, but it took me a long time to get to this point.



How do you practise self-care?

I try to take regular breaks and days off when I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed rather than waiting for it to build up. I mostly try to distract myself by putting on a new series or watching films. I even bought a hot tub the other year so I would relax more and although some days I’m in too much pain to use it, I do love having the option there so I can enjoy the warm jets and have a good stretch. I tried hydrotherapy a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so I wanted that experience at home. Before Lockdown, my mum and I would have monthly trips to the spa for deep tissue massages as this really helped with my physical pain. I’ve always been a person who can get easily stressed and now that stress manifests as pain on top of my usual pain, so I can’t ignore it


Describe your beauty regimen?

Being a beauty blogger means I have and use a lot of skincare. I’m always trying out new things, but I have a lot of favourites as well. I’ll often be on my Instagram stories with a facemask and hair mask. I’m a huge bath bomb fan and I bath every single day. I don’t take any supplements, but I do keep my vitamin D levels up with an oral spray. Obviously as I don’t go out much, I don’t get enough sun and that can affect energy levels so a quick spray a day keeps that at bay.


Describe your ultimate self-care ritual?

I think the best self-care lesson I’ve learnt is to start practising and enforcing what you consider self-care before you burn out. Do things little and often, if that’s taking the night off to play video games, do it!


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