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Essential oils have been a part of wellness rituals for at least 5,000 years, famously first recorded by the Ancient Egyptians during mummification. The use of fragrant herbs, spices and oils in wellness practices has grown ever more popular since. It spread across Europe by the Roman Empire after the birth of Jesus where Frankincense and Myrrh were said to be gifted alongside gold, showing how highly they were prized at the time.

Rome also became famous for its bathhouses, which used aromatic botanicals such as bay laurel, pine, fir, and juniper. These essential oils were also used in massages and other therapeutic practices.

In this article we explore the potential benefits of incorporating essential oils into our daily regimens. We will focus on how they work and see if they benefit your skin and how they can help you relax.


Bath Oil

Here comes the science

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It measures about 1.5-2m2 in adults and weighs about 15 per cent of total body weight. It is home to up to three million micro-organisms per cm2. Understanding how the skin works will help us keep it vibrant and healthy.

The skin holds the contents of the body together. It consists of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. These delicate layers help protect against UV rays, prevent wear and tear, regulate temperature and hydration, regulate nutrients, and protects against infection.

Many skincare brands contain collagen or elastin, but we believe that strength comes from within. If you find the right natural oils for your skin type, they help balance the skin and boost function.


Bath & Shower Oil

Benefits of oils

Face oils are all the rage these days with extensive claims of giving your skin a healthy glow and vibrancy, so why stop there - your skin doesn’t? We believe your body deserves the same treatment as your face and hands – you’ll be ready to show it off when summer holidays come around.

Oils do wonders for your skin but don’t be fooled – not all oils were created equal. It is important to find the right one that works for you. Here we explain why we chose our special formula, and why it is so good for you.

Firstly, oils can clog pores! Make sure you choose a light oil that flows between the skin’s many layers and don’t clog it up. Ideally the oils should boost the natural function of the skin, sitting on top of the horny layer (steady!) to lock in moisture and protect against infection.

Heavier oils like coconut and olive oil, although widely used in skincare, can often cause blocked pores and break outs! We extensively researched a range of oils and found a lighter alternative. All our oils use a base of apricot kernel oil that is light and easily absorbed.

It also packed with vitamins and minerals that will make you glow. Vitamins A and C help tone the skin thereby increasing suppleness. Vitamin E protects against sun damage, helping reduce against wrinkles. Omegas 3, 6 and 9 strengthen the skin’s outer barrier, giving a skin smooth polish and sheen.


How to incorporate oils into your skincare regimen

There are many types of oils that have many different purposes, and it is important to match the right one with your skin type and skin care objectives. Oils can be fantastic cleansers, effectively clearing pores at the same time as locking in moisture. A non-cleansing oil can be used during washing, post washing or even post moisturising/sun cream to lock in the moisture.

Many skin care brands will try and tell you their way works best, but the truth is that everyone is unique and different products will affect your skin in its own way. That is why we have created a good all-rounder that is light and luxurious and should be compatible with most skin types. The feel on your skin is absolutely out of this world, and once you have tried it, we’re sure you won’t go back to washing any other way.

We recommend using our oils in-wash as a cleanser, as the high concentration of essential oils are designed to give maximum benefit and nutrients to your skin in diluted form rather than neat.


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