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Happy Earth Day!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a time to take stock and think about how your actions have an impact on the entire world. 
Our brand is mindful of the earth we live on and the plants that are able to give so much to us. The name of our brand was carefully chosen with these intentions in mind. Verdant Alchemy with the word verdant, or green, represents nature and life, because mother nature is important and we should use her gifts consciously and responsibly. 
While we want to help you better yourself we care about bettering the earth as we do this. At Verdant Alchemy, we believe in investing in rest and creating products that support your body and well-being. Our ingredients have been carefully hand sourced for their restorative properties. Our products are made with no artificial colours, no artificial chemicals, no toxins, no petrolatum, no animal testing, all vegan, and with all-natural origins. We think this is cause for celebration. 
We are a COSMOS Natural Certified brand by the Soil Association Certification. The Soil Association Certification is a UK charity that works with citizens, farmers, policy makers and businesses like ours to help explore the relationship between the health of soil, plants, animals and people. Their goal is to help everyone understand how to find lasting solutions to help balance the world we live in with the nature around us for a future of good health and a safe climate for all.
The COSMOS Natural Certification means we adhere to the highest standards, from ensuring our products are derived from natural origin sources to annual inspections of our ingredient supply chain and what cleaning products we use in production. It is something we are really proud off and is no small feat. In fact in order to become COSMOS Natural certified the Soil Association team has performed several audits on our company regarding safety, manufacturing and composition, grade, quality and quantity, our product descriptions and labelling. They also check to make sure the minerals we are using are ones they approve of and come from an environmentally sound extraction process. The process of getting approved can last several months as they are looking to ensure only the highest quality of products are certified.

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